July 14, 2018

I knitted this hat after I proposed the idea to a magazine and it was not selected. The original plan was that one hat would be knitted from the top of the rib up; the other would be knitted from the brim up with a rib twice as deep. The two hats would be joined with a...

March 3, 2015

You know the problem. You are at a party; you put down your bottle of beer and, when you turn around to retrieve it, you cannot find it again. A small group of bottles have gathered, and there is no way of telling which bottle is yours. What can you do? Answer: knit it...

January 12, 2015

A new image is on the Home page for the New Year. These cupcakes were used as inspiration for a workshop designed to introduce beginners of all ages to knitting, crochet and sewing.

October 18, 2013

I do my best thinking when my hands and my brain are busy working on a project. It is then that my intuition seems to be free to explore and examine the world around me and find solutions to problems without the shackle of logic. Stranger still, the projects I create,...

May 26, 2013

These are the very first sketches I did for a series of animal hat patterns, that I planned to sell on Ravelry. They represent a stream of consciousness – the good, the bad and the boring. It is easy to forget that the idea is to inspire people to knit and wear these h...

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