beaded bracelet


This crochet pattern for a beaded bracelet was first presented as a 60-minute workshop for people with intermediate crochet skills. The first few rounds are quite difficult but once the beading process is mastered, the bracelet is quick and easy to complete. It does make the perfect workshop because it is easier to demonstrate how to add the bead than describe the process.


To make a beaded 'doughnut', mark the first beaded stitch and keep a careful track of the rounds. Fasten off at the end of a beaded round. Using the finishing tail and using a crochet variation of mattress stitch, sew the next stitch in the round (if you were still crocheting) to the first beaded stitch at the start of the bracelet. Continue to sew the last round to the first beaded round using mattress stitch.


This pattern is available using UK crochet terms only.