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As an experienced book designer, I work with publishers such as Readers' Digest; Dorling Kindersley; Mitchell Beazley; Collins and Brown; Quarto Publishing. For the last twenty years, I have worked mostly on projects for the craft market for both large publishers and individual craft designers.


In addition, I design knit and crochet garments and accessories for magazines and books including Let's Knit; The Art of Crochet; The Art of Knitting; Simple Stylish Crochet; Simple Stylish Knitting; Knit and Stitch Creative. I will happily either submit designs suitable for the proposed market or work to a supplied project brief.


Lastly, I teach craft workshops. I do not use workshops to promote my books. My one rule is that the workshops must not cost me anything other than my time.


My rates are very competitive but, more importantly, I like to help, and it is always worth asking.


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graphic design

Using Adobe Indesign CC or Photoshop CC:

  • book design

  • pattern leaflets

  • presentations

  • workshop sheets

  • club mailouts

  • leaflets and invitations

  • logos and stationery

  • postcards and business cards

  • advertisements

  • graphics for websites

  • image editing


crochet chart commission


Using Adobe Illustrator CC or Photoshop CC from drawn reference or from the pattern or project text:

  • crochet charts

  • knitting charts

  • piecing diagrams

  • flats/schematics

  • beading diagrams

  • cross stitch and embroidery charts

  • photographs illustrating techniques (including images with hands)

  • photographs of small to medium-sized projects

knitted swatched pinned for photo.jpg

technical editing

Using Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop CC for knitting crochet, sewing, and embroidery:

  • copy editing pattern and techniques text

  • pattern writing

  • pattern checking

  • grading for knit and crochet projects to CYC standards or supplied set

  • anglicisation and Americanisation

  • writing step-by-step copy

  • writing techniques copy

  • technical illustration and photography: commissioning, checking and correcting

  • advising on co-edition or readers' queries

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