These workshops are part of an event organised by Upper Street Events. Entrance to the Show will have to be purchased in addition to workshop tickets. If tickets are still available, workshop tickets may be purchased in advance or at the Show. 

Many of the exhibitors and workshop tutors have published discount codes for The Stitch Festival Instead of paying £15 for an advance adult ticket and £13.50 for concession, you will pay £12.50! A £2.20 booking fee still applies and, if you require a ticket sent, there is £2.50 postage fee.


I have seen several such codes posted. If tickets are bought using these codes, the exhibitor or workshop tutor allocated the code will receive £1 per ticket. It is a good way of showing support for your favourite exhibitor.


If you can't find a code from your favourite exhibitor, then it might be worth asking them. If you are still unsuccessful, then this is the discount code allocated to me: SWT32

Knit and Swiss darn a button cover (Intermediate)

Thursday, 27th February 2020: 2.15– 3.15 pm


Finding the perfect button is not always easy – especially when you are in a hurry. Making your buttons may be the solution, and it is not difficult. Knit a button cover using the make one technique and learn how to Swiss darn one of several designs onto the cover. There are several tricks and tips to be shared for Swiss darning a solid area. Luise knits using the continental method but can also knit with the yarn in her right hand. This workshop could be the perfect opportunity to find out more about the continental method of knitting. 


Dexterity and concentration are required. Children should be accompanied by an adult who can knit to an intermediate level. Some people may need to complete the project at home, but full instructions are provided. Please note that the kit contains: 2mm knitting needles; a choice of fine yarn for knitting and embroidery.

Geometric embroidery onto crochet fabric (All levels)

Sunday, 1 st March 2020: 1.00– 2.00 pm


Double crochet fabric is the perfect ground for geometric embroidery stitches, but the placement of the tapestry needle for diagonal stitches is slightly different from that for horizontal and vertical stitches. Once mastered the worlds of cross stitch, blackwork, sashiko and kogin, and even smocking could inspire embellishments on future crochet projects. In this class, you will be asked to embroider a series of running stitches onto a strip of crochet fabric and embellish the stitches from a library of ideas provided. The embroidered strip may be used as a mat, or the edges may be whip stitched together to make a small pouch. 

Dexterity and concentration are required. Some people may need to complete the project at home, but full instructions are provided. Please note that the kit contains: a strip of double crochet fabric, a choice of yarn, a needle and the opportunity to select buttons and beads from a tray. Suitable for children

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