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Following a phone conversation with the publisher on the 3rd September 2013, I prepared a proposal document for Animal hats to knit. The first version was sent on the 12th September 2013. This version was submitted at the beginning of October. As a result, it was agreed that each project should stand-alone, and there could be no cross-referencing between projects. With no cross-referencing, the complexity of the pattern copy and charts for each project is limited by the number of pages assigned to it. And, to avoid annoying repetition, more unique but short design solutions are needed. This approach is in line with the Cozie format but when we first discussed the project it was described as only 'likely" to become part of the Cozie series and the book was no longer to contain crochet projects. It was my fault that I wasted time thinking it might be possible for it to be otherwise. The complete proposal file is too large to upload, but I have included an edited version. Pages of thumbnails have been deleted, but you can see them elsewhere on the​ website.

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