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You know the problem. You are at a party; you put down your bottle of beer and, when you turn around to retrieve it, you cannot find it again. A small group of bottles have gathered, and there is no way of telling which bottle is yours. What can you do? Answer: knit it an animal hat. No... not when the drink is already lost. Go to the party prepared. Yarn bomb your drink!

But you are going to have to wait for the pattern for this Summer essential; I will post the pattern when I have a hundred likes for my Facebook page. (Do you think a hundred Likes is too many?)

I didn't think I cared. I set up the page so I could see the finished projects from my workshops but it seems people are shy. And now the number of Likes on my Facebook page is embarrassing. I could pay Facebook for advertising, but I would rather pay you, lovely people, by giving you a free pattern. What do you think, is it a fair deal for a Summer essential?

(After all, hundreds of you downloaded a pattern for a winter warmer for a Christmas bauble!)

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