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ear-to-ear hat

I have wanted to experiment with this hat shape for a while – see the post about 30 days of drawing. The day at Fabrications was inspiring. The enthusiasm was infectious and the free goody bag liberating. There is nothing like free yarn for relieving the pressure of having to make something worth while. When I experiment I usually like to use self-striping yarn with frequent colour changes so I can see the progress of the shaping and establish visual landmarks. But this hat shaping is quite simple and I think I got it right first time. Now I should go back to my original inspiration, find someone who wants to commission it, buy the yarn, make the project and write the pattern… nearly there.

PS I haven’t shown it here but as a result of knitting a flower I have also devised a different approach to flower patterns. I would love to share it here but someone could be reading this.

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