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jaw jaw rather than war war

What started as an excuse to play with a Wacom tablet has become quite addictive.

I am continually being told that I should increase my online presence: "if only you would...". Could images like this be the answer?

I have spent many a happy hour on the internet, admired all those who are prepared to share everything from details about their income to the contents of their children's diapers on their blog but this is not for me. I find the detail of other people's lives fascinating but not the detail of my own. I suspect sharing my humour could be even more revealing.

I am now active on my Twitter account – active, well almost. I had used Twitter in the past almost exclusively for making sure that various authors I have worked with were coping with the publishers' demands. Now, I am hoping to use it as a platform where I can get a quick update on friends and interests – but like Facebook, my presence is spasmodic. How do other people divide up their online presence? Time for some research.

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