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Rabbit animal hat

Monday is supposed to be a Me-Monday. The day: I catch up with the administration associated with working freelance; I answer any queries about my patterns. The day: I design my own patterns; I organise workshops. The day: I have designated blog day; I can go into town, visit exhibitions and enjoy where I live. The day of the week that I do not count when counting days out for a job and I can use if more time is required without impacting on my other work. I think I have too much scheduled for Mondays.

The blog will have to be brief because I have a pattern checking job that really has to leave my desk today. It has been a week and weekend of late nights and still, there is work to be done.

I have posted images of the rabbit hat from Animal hats to knit because I had a query about it and I wondered if it would be easier if I posted the photographs online. I will put the images on Ravelry at some point but probably not today. Having said that out loud, I might do it today.

Oh, the big, BIG news. I won a prize. I cannot believe it. I have won the Christmas Giveaway from the lovely Lisa Watson.

My blog post today was going to be about the opening of the package. If I don't open it today, my family will scream at me in frustration. Deferred gratification is not their strong point. Me, I can always put off the good things until the work is done and I can fully enjoy the moment. Perhaps that is why Me-Monday never quite happens as planned.

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