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the nest where I live

Knitted blanket designed by Lisa Watson

I nearly forgot. I won a prize in Lisa Watson's Christmas Prize Draw. I didn't have to do anything except sign up to her mailing list, and I didn't need to do more than accept the prize.

I first saw Lisa's work at the Spring Country Living Show and was attracted by her unusual use of fabric and the contemporary feel of her quilts. Nevertheless, although I joined Lisa's mailing list out of curiosity and a personal desire, rather than professional interest, I hadn't realised she had started selling these knitted blankets.

In the distant past, I wrote a book full of quilting designs. It isn't quite vintage, but it is getting close. At the time the hand-sewn quilting and embroidery stitches were my solaces and my passion. Later I also wrote a book on knitted and crochet blankets Afghans and Throws. It too has a tumbling block motif in a stitch library which was designed to use up oddments of yarn. It is nowhere near as bold as the tumbling block design on the blanket from Lisa Watson, and I think it is this bold approach that makes it a blanket I would rather buy than knit.

I work from home, and I struggle to justify putting the central heating on just for me. Needless to say, Lisa's blanket has replaced the old duvet that used to line the nest on which I sit as I knit, crochet and design new projects. The colours are perfect for my office, thank you, Lisa.

PS I also follow Lisa Watson on Twitter because she often posts quotes and affirmations that make me smile and inspire me to continue and to strive forward.

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