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when I am busy

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I have lots of ideas for blog posts and no time. The same is true of my craft designs. My to-do list never ends. This is just a quick post for my husband who thinks that the cat and I may be planning his imminent demise.

sketches of a cat
black cat pin badge

I am sure all cats like to sleep on the top step of a flight of stairs. In this house: it offers a view of the front door, a biped in the kitchen is easy prey, and no one can go downstairs in the middle of the night without being spotted. I wonder how many mysterious deaths can be attributed to the feline habit of sleeping where they shouldn't. Famously, Amy Dudley, wife of Lord Dudley, died after supposedly falling down a flight of stairs. Was it just a case of a cat in the wrong place at the wrong time? I hope my husband feels safer now that the possibility of this potentially fatal accident has been made public. Of course, the cat would rather sleep on the bed, but that too can become a bit of a bloodbath. Why does the cat have to chase my husband's feet?

I haven't forgotten about my blog and Facebook page. I have just been busy doing my day job, but I should have more time soon.

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