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I have to admit that my logo becomes more obscure the longer I use it.

Would you believe it, there was a time when knitting charts and pattern copy were printed black only at the back of a book? As a book designer who could draw charts from a finished project and the manuscript copy, I became quite adept at creating symbols to distinguish the colours that mimicked the tonal value of the colours.​

Luise Roberts Logo

​​​My first colour choices were red and gold. At one time, I planned to sell kits and finished products, and I wanted a logo that could easily be made into a small stamp reminiscent of the Chinese seals.

I chose the version I use now because if you look closely, as well as my initials, you can see "LUV" and "LOV" in the characters and that is what I wanted to project. Love of my clients and customers; the love of my work. I replaced the red with the purple because the lighter tints of this colour are almost a neutral grey, with just a hint of colour.

Luise Roberts Logos

I have simplified the logo on my website and my letterhead to a single colour. And, in the future, who knows what I will do.

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