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butterfly hat

Butterfly beret from the top

I have done it! I have put a pattern onto Ravelry.

I haven't managed to get a link onto this site yet or even get it published onto Love Knitting, but I have taken the plunge.

It is quite a basic beret pattern, and I was worried that as a pattern it was not very exciting. This pattern was originally developed for a magazine with limited space. The basic beret pattern is quite straightforward, but towards the crown, the decreases are placed to avoid the motif. I think it was this that worried the commissioning editor. If written in pattern copy it would have taken a lot of valuable pattern lines. The alternative was to have no motif towards the centre of the crown which would have been perfectly acceptable – especially as I chose to put a pompom on the finished beret.

Butterfly Hat pattern pages

Anyway, to add value to the pattern I have included: a chart of the sample project; a chart of the sample project you can colour yourself; a blank beret chart; some alternative butterfly motifs. The book I get the most emails about is 1000 Great Knitting Motifs, so I hope will make the pattern more appealing.

My To-do list:

• Make another sample using yarn oddments for the background.

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