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I have the unfinished project list to beat many a project list. I have projects that were proposed but never commissioned. I have projects that I have started and not finished. I have had that brilliant idea that must be tried, and I have not made into a project.

A lot of the work I do for magazines is for the easy or intermediate skill levels and for several years I have been working on part works which usually have a strict line-count. This means that many of the projects I have worked on could be expanded to create other projects.

I have always said to myself that the work was not wasted because I could still sell the patterns as an independent designer, but up till now, I have always stopped short of actually finishing a project and letting it go.

Somehow if I am publishing under my own name it has to be better than something I would submit to a magazine or even a book with my name in it. When I am working for a magazine, there is a clear brief with a deadline, and someone else takes the decision about whether or not the project is good enough. In self-publishing, there is a temptation to keep finessing. I have seen this trait in others, and although I am aware of the problem, I fear I am still going to struggle it with it myself.

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